Angie Lochman

Molding young minds and supporting the arts are two things Angie is passionate about, and she is excited that Prosper Community Theatre provides the opportunity to do both!  She’s always very much enjoyed attending performances and getting wrapped up in all the amazing moments and the huge range of experiences presented on a stage, from laughing to crying to getting carried away in the essence of the stories being told.  She loves getting involved in outlets that inspire creativity, being artistic, designing costumes, collaborating ideas for sets and scenes, and encouraging a drive for the positive energies behind it all.  She has two daughters who love performing, singing, and dancing, and her oldest has been in a handful of productions and is eager to take on more roles through the adventures of theatre.  Angie believes that as our community continues to grow, there is a desire to build a foundation for our youth to exhibit their natural talents, skillsets, and uniqueness, and a place where they can shine and captivate us!…because memories made around the stage are some of the best ones. 

he has a genuine desire to contribute and light up people through theatre.  Her favorite thing to do is to spend quality time with family and friends. Another big meaningful part of her life is giving back to the community as well as serving causes that are truly special to her heart.  She hosts several good deeds throughout the year benefiting local charities and finds a great and lively purpose helping those in need and rallying others to do the same.  She also looks forward to the times she’s volunteering to mentor kids at school, coaching elementary volleyball, and being a part of PTO board. 

Angie’s philosophy is all about giving kids the chance to be bold in their own way, the chance to be themselves, the chance to enhance their imagination, and the chance to explore what makes them feel proud and joyful….which is why she’s very glad to be a part of PCT!