Founding Members

Founding memberships are *NOW* available!

Become a founding member and be recognized as helping to launch this fantastic organization in Prosper.

A letter from our founder and Executive Director.  

If you are interested, please contact us by email.


Founding Member Levels

 Founding Assistant Stage Manager: $100+

  • Name or Logo recognition on the PCT website
  • Recognition on the PCT Facebook page
  • Two tickets to a future show
  • Free membership t-shirt

Founding Stage Manager: $300+

Assistant Stage Manager plus:

  • Two additional (4 total) tickets to a future show
  • One admission to a master class (advanced theater training)

Founding Associate Producer: $500+

Stage Manager plus:

  • Recognition in all show playbills
  • Two season tickets (instead of 4 show tickets)

Founding Producer: $1000+

Associate Producer plus:

  • Verbal recognition during pre-show announcements for the current season
  • Two additional (4 total) season tickets
  • One additional (2 total) admission to a master class (advanced theater training)

Founding Executive Producer: $1500+

Producer plus:

  • Title recognition for single show run in all marketing materials

Founding Season Producer: $2500+

Executive Producer plus:

  • Title recognition at all shows for the current season in all marketing materials


** For the recognition at shows and season passes,
the benefit will extend the remainder of the current season **